1950's Pizza & Dance Party at Boulder Ridge

April 13, 2019


Short & Sweet


Click on the image below to start a slide show of our April 2019, 1950's Dance Party.

(to exit the slide show click on the X in the upper right hand corner)

Photo's courtesy of  Bob Hass & Jill Davis

Ron & Sally Culbertson, #158
Bob & Amy Lindquist, #209
Rick & Jill Davis, #177
Sam Monte & Laurene Griest, #226
Dean & Carol Baker, #269
Front: Marge Hass & DJ Tall Paul
Short & Sweet
Joe Selinsky & Betty Browne, #27
Short & Sweet
Merle & Carol Lyons, #154
Gordon Ross, #133
Phyllis Mallette, #132
David & Michele Nay, #11
Short & Sweet DJ
Bob & Marge Hass, #72

Click on the arrow in the pictures below to watch a video of the April 2019, 1950's Dance Party.

( If you do not want to listen to the sound click on the sound symbol in the lower right corner).

Joe Selinsky & Betty Browne

Short & Sweet doing the "Peppermint Twist"

Short & Sweet "The Butterfly Dance"




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