Board of Directors Annual Bar-B-Que 2019

On Saturday, October 12th the Board of Directors held our annual Bar-B-Que in the Recreation Center.  Many of our Boulder Ridge residents enjoyed a meal of Hamburgers, Hot Dogs with all of the trimmings, Coleslaw, Beans, assorted chips and Cheese Cake for desert.  Drinks included Ice Tea, Lemonade, Water and Coffee.

Two different serving areas were provided so that our guest could move through the lines to get their meals in a timely fashion.  Board members were available to help guest where needed. 

Meals were prepared 

and delivered to our

shut-in residents.

We would like to also

thank the many

volunteers who helped

with the set up and

preparations that 

made this such a

successful event.

We would like to thank our cooks Donn Rabbe

and Paul Smyton for preparing our meals.

The first seven pictures are courtesy of:

The first seven pictures are courtesy of:

Donn Raabe

Most of the people who attended this event will find their picture below.

The top 5 pictures are

courtesy of:

Bob Hass


Click on the camera lens for more information about


Bob Hass Photography.



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