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Your landscape should be a unique and stimulating setting that engages the senses, sparks your imagination, and renews your spirit.  Whether you have a dramatic desert design in mind for your property or if you are simply looking for a face-lift our landscape vendors can help you reach your dreams.  Color is vital to any desert landscaping plan because the earth in dry climates is often rocky or sandy and brown or gray.  Any color must be introduced into the landscape design strategically. Our vendors offer innovative designs and area plans that will compliment your landscape project.  We pick plants that are adapted to our climate and can thrive with little to no water and low maintenance.


Call one of our landscape vendors today for a personalized design consultation and free estimate.  

Water features are used in gardens to create fascinating, tranquil sound or sights and often feature lighting which can create a dramatic effect at night.

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  • Tree trimming, pruning, and removal

  • General Maintenance / Yard clean-ups

  • Scheduled yard care service

  • Rock and gravel installation

  • Drip irrigation systems & repair

  • Shrubs, Hedges & Bush trimming

  • Palm tree service

  • Pavers


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(Cave Creek & Beardsley Rd. across from Costco)

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House Plants, Cactus & Succulents, Seasonal Flowers and Plants, Hand-Made Mexican Metal Art, Potting Soil and a variety of Arizona-Friendly Trees.  We can deliver and install for you.

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Landscape Rocks & Stone


Our vendors provide exceptional customer service and attention to detail and will work closely with you on your project to make sure you are happy with your materials, supplies and design.

There are many ways to incorporate rocks into your landscape design. One common way is to build a decorative rock garden.  Beyond trees, bushes and other vegetation, rocks, stones, and other masonry materials help you utilize the look of Arizona, while also reducing the amount of water it takes to maintain your lawn.  We strongly recommend laying down landscape fabric to help prevent weed seed from getting into the soil underneath your landscaping materials, and to help prevent the landscaping materials from sinking into the soil.

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A & G Materials

17238 N. Cave Creek Rd.

Phoenix, AZ 85032



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  • Landscape Rock

  • Mulch (Compost)

  • Screened Topsoil

  • Potting Mix

  • River Rock

  • Mortar Sand

  • Surface Boulders

  • Fill Dirt

  • Rip Rap

We deliver, click on the rock pile to see our rock prices.

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Water Features & Fountains



There's nothing quite like the soothing sound of moving water in a fountain or a water feature in your yard to engage the senses.  Fountains add both architectural intrigue and tranquility to any garden.  There are many different types of architectural fountains each with its own individual charm.

Fountains come in a vast array of shapes, styles, and colors to fit any landscape.  Contact one of the advertisers below to see how they can make your dream of having a water feature a reality.

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