The Bobcats of Boulder Ridge

Notice:  These animals are in their natural habitat, they live on the coyotes, rabbits, birds, snakes and other small animals.  They generally will not bother humans.  Arizona Fish & Game will only get involved if someone is hurt or the bobcat is attacking domestic animals.  Arizona Fish & Game will not trap and relocate bobcats just because you see them.

Arizona Fish & Game Control handles calls about Bobcats.  For more information about Bobcats click on the link below.

The following pictures were taken of one of the two known bobcats that roam Boulder Ridge.  These pictures were taken by Gene Osteen, lot 204 on September 25, 2019 on a cell phone in my backyard at 7:20 in the morning. I was sitting in a chair and felt something was watching me and when I turned around I saw this beauty.  The pictures on the left are the original picture, the pictures on the right are blown up so you can see the bobcat in better detail.  Bobcats rarely attack people. However, if a bobcat does attack a human, it generally will have symptoms of rabies. On September 22 a man and his dog were both attacked by a bobcat that had rabies in Anthem.

This Bobcats main hunting area is the mountain on the South side of the park just West of the RV parking area (my backyard). 

His main cave at night is about 80 yards from where it is now by the RV parking area.

In the picture below the bobcat was about 10 feet from me, he turned around and looked at me for a minute then moved on. 

It is important to stay still and do not make any noise, this cat is very healthy.  I have been trying to get a picture of it's two cubs, but when I get close to it's den mom comes out and makes sure I stay away.  Patience pays off so eventually I will get a picture of the Bobcat and it's cubs or I will be dinner for the Bobcat.

When I first saw the bobcat he was between the two boulders in this picture, by the time I got my phone out to take a picture he was trying to hide behind one of the boulders.

If you can't see my face you can't see me!

In my backyard daily I get up to 7 coyotes, dozens of quail, numerous birds, lots of rabbits, chipmunks and chuckwallas (bobcats favorite food). On occasionally I get owls, javelina and bobcats.  During the week of September 8th I had 5 Diamondback Rattlesnakes in my backyard.  I usually sit in my backyard for an hour in the morning and an hour in the early evening,  I have never had an issue with any of these animals.  The closest rattlesnake was about 4 feet away before I saw it, I have a snake grasper so I usually catch the rattlesnakes and relocate them.

The following Bobcat images were submitted by the Boulder Ridge Office.

This picture was taken at the front entrance to Boulder Ridge on Behrend Dr.  Many people walk by here during the day with small kids and pets and do not realize how close they are to this Bobcat.

Bobcat at cave entrance.

In these three pictures the bobcat is behind the Boulder Ridge Club House.

Close up of the Bobcat.

This Bobcats main place to stay at night is behind the RV parking area.  During the day it likes to hang out in about three different spots. 


What to do if you encounter a Bobcat

Odds are, you will never come into contact with a Bobcat but if you do meet a Bobcat face-to-face, the National Park Service recommends standing up tall, looking the cat right in the eyes and backing away slowly.  Whatever you do, do not run away—that might trigger the Bobcat's instinct to chase its prey.


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