Weekly And Special Yearly Events That We Have Here At Boulder Ridge


Coffee and Donuts

8-10 AM in the Club House.


Men's Coffee 6 AM in the Club House.

Water Aerobics 7:45 & 8:45 AM in the main pool.  Yoga Class 9 AM in the Club House.


Men's Coffee 6 AM in the Club House.

Out-To-Lunch Bunch 11:30 AM 2nd Tuesday.

Two-to-Go 11:30 AM 3rd Tuesday.

MMB 8:00 AM 4th Tuesday.

Canasta 1 PM in the Club House.

Bunco 7 PM in the Club House.


Join Us

For These



Men's Coffee 6 AM in the Club House.

Water Aerobics 7:45 & 8:45 AM in the main pool.

Euchre 1-3 PM in the Club House.

Potluck Social 5 PM in the Recreation Center.


Men's Coffee 6 AM in the Club House.

Spice of Life 1-3 PM  in the Recreation Center, 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month.

Book Club 10:30 AM in the Club House 2nd Thursday of the month.


Men's Coffee 6 AM in the Club House.

Water Aerobics 7:45 & 8:45 AM in the main pool.

Bingo is on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Friday of the month in the Recreation Center at 6:30 PM.

Sew-N-Sews 2nd Friday of the month from 10 AM - 2 PM in the Recreation Center.

                           in March


The annual BOULDER RIDGE AUCTION is held in March in the Recreation Center, doors open at 8:00 am. The Auction is the major fundraiser that supports our community activities and events throughout the year.  Residents donate usable household goods, tools, art, collectibles, furniture and other items they no longer need.  Many new residents have been able to help furnish their homes with what they purchased at the Auction.  Prices range from $1 up to the highest bid which is generally under $20. Local businesses donate goods and services that are raffled off during the auction. There is also a Silent Auction for special items and a 50/50 raffle. Lunch is available from 10:30am-Noon. It’s a great event with attendees having lots of fun as they try to outbid one another. Items that aren’t sold are available at “bargain basement prices” during the GARAGE SALE the following Sunday from 8:30-10: 30 am.  All unsold items are donated to charity on behalf of our Community. Volunteers set up during the week before the Auction, assist during the auction, help attendees with their purchases and when everything is over, clean up and pack things away for next year.  We ask residents to hold their donations for the week before the auction. Please bring your clean, usable items to the Recreation Center the mornings of Monday through Thursday before the auction. However, if you are unable to hold them until then or can’t bring them yourselves, call chairman Donn Raabe to arrange for pick-up.  This is a great “don’t miss” Community event that’s lots of fun.



Every November we have our 99 cent sale at 8:30 am - 1:30 pm in the Recreation Center. During this sale, we have a Bake Sale from 8:30 am - 11 am, and Lunch from 10:30 am - 1 pm in the Club House.


                                  The 99 cent Sale Is Held In November.

(warning! If you give Connie a dollar bill she is known not to give you change!)





Boulder Ridge


These quilts are from a previous raffle.

Sew N' Sew Quilt Raffle


January kicks off our annual Quilt Raffle.  Raffle tickets will are available at most social events and the BRCA meetings.  The tickets sell for $2 each or 3 for $5. Three quilts from a selection of five will be raffled off.  The three lucky winners will be able to choose a quilt from the five that are available at the Sew N' Sews Quilt Raffle.


Drawing for the three quilts will be held in April at the BRCA meeting. 


SNS is a group of Boulder Ridge residents meeting the 2nd Friday of each month in the Recreation Center from 10-2:00 PM.  We make quilts and blankets that are donated to AZ Blankets for Kids and then distributed to AZ children in crisis.  The children are in hospitals or shelters. 


We are dependent on donations, as all the items are made strictly with new fabrics, batting or yarns.  Thanks to Boulder Ridge for the generous donation at Christmas, a donation from AZ Blankets for Kids, individuals, and the raffle.  We average over 400 children’s quilts for the year. 


All residents are invited to join us in this endeavor.  You don’t need to sew to help. Show up at a meeting (actually a work session); there’s something everyone can help with, or just join us for coffee. 



Our annual Ice Cream Social draws nearly a full house! Residents               enjoy making their ice cream sundae and visiting with friends and neighbors! We offer vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream,               topped with Chocolate, Caramel, or fresh strawberries, nuts, peanuts, whipped cream, and a cherry!  We would like to thank our           Social Committee for arranging this event and to those of you who attended each year!  The Association Board Ice Cream Social is                held in September.

Board of Directors Annual Bar-B-Que

Our Board Of Directors holds our annual Boulder Ridge Bar-B-Que in November. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs with all the trimmings are served by our Association Board Members. This is a great time to meet our Board and socialize with your Boulder Ridge neighbors.



Board of Directors

Ice Cream Social


The Easter Brunch celebrations are attended by our residents here at Boulder Ridge in April. A delicious brunch consisting of hash brown egg bake, ham, fresh fruit, and a variety of breakfast pastries, is prepared and served. The Recreation Center is decorated with Spring flowers and decorations in beautiful pastel colors.  Seven lucky people will have a chance to win Easter candy bars with a lottery ticket attached! Hopefully, we will have some big winners! We also hold a 50/50 drawing in which the lucky winner wins half of the money collected during the raffle.  All and all our Easter Brunch is a day of fun and celebration for our Boulder Ridge residents! Many thanks to those of you who attend this annual event, and to the Social committee members who help make this event a smashing success!                                 



Hamburgers in Grill





Witches Walk 


Every October a group of our Boulder Ridge women dresses up for the Halloween Witches Walk - October 31st at 5 PM Meet in front of the office (dressed as your favorite Witch) and deliver Halloween Treats to Boulder Ridge Residents.


  The Witches Walk Is Held

               In October.

                              Mothers Day Brunch 


Boulder Ridge Mothers and other women will be honored on Mothers Day in May from 8 AM to 10 AM with a buffet breakfast in the Recreation Center hosted by the men of our Community.  Each of our guests will be greeted at the door with a rose and escorted to a table of her choice.  Boulder Ridge Men will serve at the buffet, juice and bakery stations; help those who need assistance with their plates; refill coffee and juice, and clear the tables - it’s worth the $5 ticket just to see all that! Breakfast usually includes scrambled eggs, potatoes, fruit, and sausage (both pork and turkey to respond to requests from last year).  Tickets go on sale the Monday before Mothers Day at the office.  They go quickly so grab yours while they last. 



Boulder Ridge




1960's Party...



Boulder Ridge residents transform into the Love Generation for our 1960's Party, as we reminisce and relive the 60’s era. Tie Dye, Flower Children and Hippies are usually abundant at this event, as we sing (and even dance!) to the music of the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Chubby Checker, Elvis, and the Stones.


A local group Short & Sweet provide our entertainment (and laughing) with trivia, dance lessons, and the VERY popular “Nearly Newlywed Contest”.  



Boulder Ridge Residents

to come to our

Western Dinner.

                 Western Dinner 



The wranglers of Boulder Ridge gather for some vittles and country tunes for our Western Dinner usually held in January. Cowboy stew, bread, and apple pie are often on the menu.  (I hear some city slickers sneak in a bit of that frozen milk stuff) while local artist Jack Alves serenades the folks with Country Tunes. A few of the more daring female cowpokes usually strut their stuff with a line dance, while some of the brazen gals even grab a cowboy and swung them around for a tune or two. There are plenty of sing-alongs (no campfire required) and trivia games with prizes to be won.  The great company along with good food and entertainment make for an excellent “Night on the Range.” 



(Past Event, 2018)

(Past Event)





(Past Event)

All Boulder Ridge Residents are invited to attend this annual event.



From Springtime to Sports to Italian to Easter and Music, the Progressive Dinner in February has a theme along with hospitality that is enjoyed by all.  Our dinner Hosts provide themed tables decorated with sports, music, Easter, Spring and even Italian décor.


Thanks to our hosts this event has creative decorations and our guest are showered with candy, gifts and stimulating conversation in addition to keeping them well fed! 




On the Thursday before Christmas, our dedicated Boulder Ridge Carolers brave the cold and wind to bring many of our much-loved Christmas carols to residents in need of some Christmas cheer.  At each stop, a bag of goodies is delivered, and a round of Christmas Carols are sung with enthusiasm. With all visits completed, the carolers meet in the rec. center for cookies, coffee, and hot chocolate.  Members of the Spice of Life help with the singing and refreshments. 

Memorial Day Program


Each year, the Veterans of Boulder Ridge conduct a Memorial Day program on the patio in the Club House area. The theme each year varies, but the focus is to honor our Veterans and our Country.  We request that anyone with any Military memorabilia including pictures, burial flags, and other items, contact Dean Baker, Lot #269 or John Frishcosy, Lot #201.  We will pick up the items and return them to you after the program on Monday. All items will be secured. Coffee and donuts will be served in the Rec. Hall after the outside program. 


                                   The Memorial Day Program Is Held In May.

vet eagle.jpg

Click on this picture to see pictures of previous Christmas Caroling.

Click on picture for Veteran information.








May celebrates the running of the Kentucky Derby and Boulder Ridge folks add to the celebration in style! Boulder Ridge ladies adorn themselves with Derby Hats complete with flowers, ribbons, and even butterflies. Our residents munch on the traditional Derby Fare of Fried Chicken, Coleslaw, Salads, and virgin Mint Juleps. The Kentucky Derby Party Is Held In May.

Kentucky Derby Party





Hot and Spicy!!! January marks the annual Chili Cook-Off with our Boulder Ridge ‘Cooks” competing for that “coveted” Blue Ribbon


Thanks to our judges: Judy Levetin, Sandy Oller for sacrificing their taste buds for this worthy endeavor. Congratulations to the winners and a thank you to all the chili cooks, cornbread makers and residents who participate (and do an excellent job of cleaning up!)  The Chili Cook-Off is held in January.

(Past Event)


Chili Cook Off

Stay active during your senior years by attending many of the planned social events that are scheduled for our Boulder Ridge residents by our Social Committee.  We have events throughout the year that offer a fun way to spend quality time with many of your neighbors.  Our events are geared so that almost anyone can attend and have fun.  We plan these events to offer a wide variety of entertainment and enjoyment for you!  


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