Coyotes of Boulder Ridge

When I am in my backyard I have had coyotes come as close as 5 feet to me and they have never bothered me.  The usually come to feed on rabbits in my yard.  The will catch a domestic cat or dog if they can.  I have seen coyotes with snakes, lizards, rabbits and one time one had a live chicken in it's mouth.  At night these coyotes roam our community looking for food.

When they catch something they howl quite loudly so the rest of the pack will come to enjoy in the feast.

The pictures on the left are original size and the pictures on the right are enlarged so you can see the animals in better detail.

These pictures were all taken in my backyard at 2233 E. Behrend Dr. in the Boulder Ridge Community.

In the picture below I am sitting at the fire pit and this coyote is looking at me like I am going to give him a treat.


Multiple times a day a group of coyotes cross this same spot in my backyard.  I have counted as many as 8 coyotes crossing at one time.

Background picture is Boulder Ridge landscape.


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