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We welcome all newcomers to Boulder Ridge and wish to inform all of one of our essential projects for the VA Hospital.  There is a collection box in the MAIL AREA that is marked— ‘FOR THE VETS’.  We ask all to put their extra magazines, books, puzzles, games, CD’s and movies in the box and they will be delivered to the Phoenix Veterans Hospital Library for the use of the Vet’s and their families who are being treated there. Your generosity is much appreciated.  Let this also be a reminder of long-term residents to continue their excellent support.  If anyone has any questions, please contact John Frishcosy





It’s hard to miss the color-full stamps that are found on our Boulder Ridge statements each month, but there is a reason that they are there. When the envelopes are returned to the office, the canceled stamps are turned in to a Church project that forwards the canceled stamps on to FATHER FLANAGAN’S BOYS TOWN in Omaha Nebraska, a long time established a home for kids in need.  This is a change since the last article, but please be assured that this project continues to do a lot of good.  I have talked to the stamp folks at BOYS TOWN, and they are significantly appreciative of our efforts.  The stamps are then processed and offered for sale to commercial Philatelic organizations.  The goal of the program is to provide additional funding for this great and long-running establishment; we ask that all who receive their statement by mail, return the stamped envelopes with their check and we will make sure that the stamps are passed on to the proper place for processing. PLEASE HELP US WITH THIS PROJECT!  


If anyone has any questions, please contact Dean Baker.

Dean has been working on this project for over 30 years. 

The Village of Boys Town, incorporated as a Nebraska municipality in 1936, has its own police and fire departments, schools, churches, post office and ball fields — along with numerous historic venues. A National Historic Landmark since 1985, the Village of Boys Town is now the only National Historic Landmark District in Nebraska.

At any given time, about 400 boys and girls live in the Village, receiving care and guidance for a wide range of behavioral, emotional and academic issues. The youth live in a regular, single-family home — typically eight kids to a residence — with a married Family-Teaching couple who cares for and nurtures them in the Boys Town Family Home Program. In this community of hope, boys and girls change their lives and prepare to go out into the world as confident people of good character.  Courtesy:

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Shop the VFW store and support veterans.


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