Our Boulder Ridge residents like to show their generosity by donating to these worthwhile projects.  With their support by giving they are contributing to a better quality of life here in our Boulder Ridge Community and to the surrounding communities who receive our donated glasses, hearing aids and cell phones and to the Veterans who receive donations. 


People are helping people, that's what Boulder Ridge Residents are all about.



Please donate your old eyeglasses, hearing aids and cell phones.

If you have any old eyeglasses (including non-prescription and sunglasses), hearing aids and cell phones please drop them off on the porch of

Connie Caruso


Donate Books, CD's, Video's, Puzzles, Games and Magazines


Please help our VETERANS by donating any of the above items.  All of the donated items are given to the Phoenix Veterans Hospital Library where they are shared with the Vets and their family members while they are visiting there loved ones.  If you would like to donate any of the items above, please leave them in the bin on the bench in the Mail Box area.  Any questions, please contact John Frishcosy.  All donated items are much appreciated.


Donate Your Cans And #1 Plastic To Our Boulder Ridge Recycle Project

#1 plastic is clear water bottles, # is stamped on bottom of bottle.


Recycling Pays!


Please recycle your cans by placing them on the light pole in front of your house on the first or third Wednesday of the month.  Ours recycle chairperson Roger Mollenhour, and his team of Boulder Ridge volunteers will come by and pick your donation up and make sure it goes to the proper recycle bin.  The money collected from our Boulder Ridge Recycle Program goes to our Association's general fund.


We have recycling bins located by the stairs on Granite Street that go up to the area by the office, and we also have recycled containers located in the RV storage area.  At present, we are only getting paid for the recycling of cans.  The other items that you are recycling are helping our environment.  

                          Thank you for your generous donation because YOU recycle.

Looking For Donations



The Sew -N-Sews are in need of yarn, batting, sewing supplies, fabric and anything related to quilting.  We make about 400 quilts a year that we donated to AZ Blankets for Kids and then distributed to AZ children in crisis.  If you have supplies that you would like to give we would much appreciate if you would donate them to our cause.



Our Boulder Ridge Community Gives Donations To Help The Boys & Girls Club.


Every year at Boulder Ridge we have our annual Auction and a 99 cent sale.  Any items that are left over from these two events are donated to a specific charity like the Boys & Girls Clubs. This year our community donated a lot of items which will greatly help the charity receiving the items.   



Boulder Ridge Is Always Looking For Volunteers

We would like to ask our residents to volunteer for any of the causes below. You can volunteer for one event or all events or you can Volunteer to be on any of our committees or to help with any of our functions.


  • Help at any of our events.

  • Help our committee members.

  • Volunteer to host an event.

  • Volunteer to provide snacks at our Association meetings.

  • Volunteer to help with our annual auction.

  • Volunteer to help deliver our newsletter.

  • Volunteer to help set up for an event or clean up after an event.

  • Volunteer to be on our neighborhood patrol.

  • Volunteer to help with our Veterans project.


With Your Help We Can Make Our Boulder Ridge Community Better.


We appreciate any help we can get because many of our functions require a lot of preparation and to make these events successful we need YOU!  You can volunteer for part or all of an event, whatever amount of time you are willing to give helps us and our community.

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