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Two pictures showing dust from mine blasting.  Blast day was March 14, 2018.

















Mine is owned by Southwest Rock Products, LLC.  They currently have 11 mines throughout AZ.

Mine ID#: 0202663

Mine Name: Portable #1

Type of Mine: Surface, Material mined: Construction Sand and Gravel

Current Controllers: Chris J. Reinesch, Owner and Executive Officer 

                                 Steven Hood, Owner and Operations Director

The operation began: December 19, 2001 - Present

Citations: 15 from June 4, 2015 - September 6, 2017.  New citations are pending.

Citations Issued by MSHA Mine Safety and Health Administration 

Inspections: 13  Violations: 15  Fines Paid: $4,228.53  Period from: March 20, 2014-Sept. 6, 2017

Total fines paid: from January 2, 2003-September 6, 2017 Grand Total: $9,485.53

Note: These fines are for MSHA only and do not include fines from ADEQ.

Mailing Address: 85 W. Combs Rd., Suite 101, Box 444, San Tan Valley, AZ 85140.  

Phone: 480-987-7917.  Fax: 480-987-7918

Address of Mine (behind Boulder Ridge): 19636 N. 20th St, Phoenix, AZ 85024.  

Phone number: 602-708-9094

Previous owner: Rock Solid Inc. from July 1, 1996-December 18, 2001  

Mine blast,

September 27, 2018 

filmed and submitted by: 

David Nay

Click on the arrow in the center of the picture on the left to start the video.



There was very little dust from this blast, however, if you listen very closely you can here rocks from the blast hitting some of the awnings of the mobile homes in our park.



Our Concerns About The Mine and It's Daily Operation.

  • dust on our homes and property.

  • cracks in our homes and settlement issues due to the blasting that takes place.



United States Department of Labor

This site covers mine regulations and compliance and enforcement.  You can also find support and resources on this site.  Under their Mine Data Sources section, you can get violation, accident and inspection dates for this mine.


Important information on mining operations.

This website has all of the official publications relating to mining.




State Agencies

The Mine Inspectors priority mission is to enforce state mining laws which protect mine employees, residents, and the Arizona environment.  





If you have a complaint about the mine we need documentation about the event and how it affects you.

Please be thorough and provide the date, times and pictures if possible, as well as who you contacted and the results. 



The picture on the left shows the mine that is located behind us, just west of Boulder Ridge, at the top of the picture you can see part of the Boulder Ridge community (Lots 264, 263, 262, 261, 260, 258, 257 and 256) are visible and located on Vista Street.  At the right of the lots, you can see the tennis/pickleball court.  This mine is currently 342 ft. deep.


Satellite view of mine from Google.  


Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

If you want to file a complaint for with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality about dust issues please click on the link below.


Maricopa County, AZ

The Air Quality Department relies on its citizens to help in the regulation of air quality in Maricopa County.  You may file a complaint by clicking on the button below or you may call us at our air quality hotline at 602-372-2703. We are available from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday.  Our jurisdiction is Maricopa County only.  




Effects of blasting in open pit mines

The main effects on the environment during the life of mine are:


  1. Air pollution/ Presence of dust: Due to movements of machines, haulage trucks, and blasting.

  2. Sound Pollution: Mainly due to blasting but also trucks hauling stone and gravel

  3. This creates problems for the population living far from the site of mines too. Vibrational waves can travel through ground, water or air to large Ground Vibration distances. It can be destructive for the man-made structures if not controlled. Vibrations also can cause psychological problems in people living in the affected area.

Click on the arrow in the center of the picture to start the video.



Check out this great video on open pit mine blasting.


The whole video is 1 minute and 10 seconds long.


Courtesy of: Video by Victor Bernard Photography: http://www.victorbernard.com 


Victor Bernard has seen his video on this page.

Victor Bernard has given www.boulderridgecommunity.com his written permission to use his video.

Report All Violations


Get pictures if you can, be sure to write down the time and date of each violation.  Keep a detailed record of whom you contact.




Contact our councilman: Jim Waring District 2.


You may contact Councilman Jim Waring at 602-262-7445 or click on the link below.  Let the Councilman know that you vote.  There is strength in numbers if enough residents complain we should see some help from the councilman.





A Letter From Our Boulder Ridge Manager Russ Gamble


We have made some progress in dealing with the rock quarry/mine and the many issues they are causing in our Community. Maricopa County came out and viewed the activities from our Sports Court area and decided to issue a violation. ADEQ met with the County to discuss the dust issues.  Our Mine Committee is in touch with the Home Owners Association that involves the homes outside of our Community and we are now all on the same page.     Strength in Numbers…


The following is a list of contacts that need to hear from us every time we see a violation.

If you do make a call to any of these folks please write down the time of the violation, when you called to report it and whom you called; then send a copy to minecommittee@yahoo.com


Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ): 602-771-2300

Maricopa County Air Quality Department: 602-372-2701

mikeblaze@mail.maricopa.gov   (you can click on the link to the left to email Mike Blaze)

AZ State Mine Inspector: 602-542-5971

City of Phoenix Construction noise/trucks idling: 602-262-7811

Jim Waring City Councilman District: 2  phone number: 602-262-7445


We need to explain what is going on to the Councilman and let him know we vote.


Please feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns. 602-569-1777

also, send a copy to our Mine committee.


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