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Our recycling team goes around our community twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday and collects recycle materials that are left out by your light post.


Chairperson: Roger Mollenhour

Recycle helpers: Dave Braley, Sherman Fine, Trish Workley

                            and Richard Booher.

Recycling takes a little effort on your part but makes such a big difference to the world.  Any money made from recycling goes

into our Association general fund.

Our community recycles chairman Roger Mollenhour has requested that you leave the bottle caps on your plastic bottles when placing items out for recycling.

If you have any questions or would be interested in helping our recycle team please contact one of our recycle team members.

that's why we recycle!

Our Boulder Ridge residents care....


Our Boulder Ridge recycles bin is located East of the mailbox area by the stairs that lead up to the courtyard by the office.  Remember to flatten your cardboard boxes (do not put them in like the picture above) so the recycle bin does not fill up too quickly.  Please do not dump trash, construction material or landscape clean-up clippings in this recycle bin.

Click on the bottle caps below to see why you should keep them with your recycled bottle and not throw them out.





We thank you for using our Recycle Bin which was recently relocated from the Storage Lot to the east of the Mailbox area by the steps that lead up to the patio area by the Office. While that large bin IS to be used for your recyclable plastics, glass, aluminum cans (the kinds you mostly use for cooking) PLUS broken down cardboard, the PURPOSE OF THIS FLYER, is to remind you that the Boulder Ridge Association (that's us, the RESIDENTS) can make money for our uses if we SEPARATE specific plastics as well as our pop, soda, and beer cans.


The following picture gives you a good idea of what kinds of PLASTICS that we can recycle for cash; often indicated with the #1 (in the small triangle on the bottom of the bottles). This is mostly clear or see-through green plastic bottles as you can see from the picture. Please post this inside your cupboard as a reminder that every little bit helps. Roger Mollenhour has a few volunteers who help pick up and sort these items PLUS YOUR ALUMINUM POP AND BEER CANS if left out by your Light Post on the 1ST & 3RD WEDNESDAYS OF THE MONTH BEFORE 9 A.M.


You can also leave THESE items in the small bin NEXT TO the large dumpster recycle bin mentioned above. ONLY THESE kinds of items can go in that small container. PLEASE DO NOT THROW THESE ITEMS in the large dumpster as it is too difficult for someone to try to retrieve them. We love that you recycle, we'd love it more if you helped us make money for the Association for the residents.

A small recycling bin has been placed next to the new large recycle bin.  This bin will be for plastic bottles like the ones shown above only.  Our recycling team will take this recycle material to the recycle center for money which will be put in our Association general fund.  The large recycle bin is taken by Republic Waste and we receive no money for this.





Please recycle the following items.

  • Cans

  • Plastic bottles

  • Glass bottles

  • Cardboard



These items can be recycled but need special handling (do not place in our recycle bin)


Incandescent light bulbs, Fluorescent tubes, Computers & electronics, Needles or syringes, Hazardous waste, Paint, Toxic material containers, Yard waste Non-recyclables.


These items are not recyclable


Aerosol cans, Aluminum foil, Batteries, Clothing, Food waste, Napkins, Mirrors, Ceramic, Plastic bags, Shredded paper, Stickers/Address labels, Tissue, Styrofoam, Paper towels, Glass windows, and Pyrex.

Republic Waste handles our recycling services and through their sorting systems, they ensure your recyclables are processed responsibly and reliably.

Republic handles nearly 5 million tons of recyclable material annually. 



This Is Why You Need to Keep the Cap on When Recycling Plastic Bottles


The rules around recycling can get very confusing. But one recycling myth that you should definitely stop believing is that you need to take the cap off of your plastic bottle before throwing it in the recycling bin. 

Many people think that by taking the caps off of their plastic bottles they are making the lives of people who work at recycling facilities easier. That is not the case. Once the plastic bottles (with caps on) are ground up, they go through a water bath. Since the caps are generally made out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) they will float and the plastic bottles will sink making it easy for the facility to sort the different types of material and recycle them into new items.

If you throw the cap in the trash instead, it typically ends up in the ocean. Sadly, plastic bottle caps are among the top five most common items of trash found on beaches worldwide. Marine mammals, fish, and birds mistake bottle caps for food and can suffer from indigestion problems and possibly death.

Another reason you’ll want to make sure to keep your caps on is that they’re made out of a valuable plastic that is in high demand. Once recycled, caps can be turned into storage bins, shipping containers, mixing bowls, spatulas, shovels, watering cans, and much more.

The Association of Plastic Recycler’s message is to 'empty and replace the cap.' So, remember that before you toss your drink. Also, make sure you never flatten your bottle because it could get mistaken for paper in the sorting process. 

Keep this out of our landfill,



Gordon Ross is a local Boulder Ridge Community resident who draws the cartoons for our website and monthly newsletter.


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