Boulder Ridge Resident Requirements

Current space rents at Boulder Ridge as of March 1, 2020

$750 a month X 3 = $2,250.00  /  $765 a month X 3 = $2,295.00  /  $785 a month X 3 = $2,355.00

Notice: Rents are subject to change once a year, please check with management for current space rent.

Boulder Ridge, 2233 East Behrend Drive, Phoenix, Arizona 85024 (602) 569-1777,



Dear Future Resident,


Minimum requirements to qualify to be a resident of Boulder Ridge MHC are:

FICO Score of 740 or higher, provable gross income of three times the monthly space rent and pass a background check.


Please come to the office and pick up an application for each person that is applying for residency. Please have an acceptable ID card or drivers license for our file. Fill out the enclosed application/applications in its entirety in order to avoid unnecessary delays in processing your application.


If you have a “block” on your credit information you must have it unblocked before turning in the application(s).


We need a separate application for each person that will be on the Rental Agreement even if they are married.


Carefully read and answer all questions completely.

Questions requiring an answer with one word, need to be answered with a Yes, No or None as the answer. Please do not us N/A (non/applicable) as the answer.


Please be sure to provide the complete name, address and contact telephone number for all persons or businesses listed on your application. Also please include the banks telephone and fax numbers.


Proof of age and proof of income is required. Guidelines/Examples for proof of age and income are listed below:


You may use any government issued identification or birth certificate for proof of age.


You may use bank statements (current/recent) for six months to document wages/income. We need 6 months in a row of bank statements showing your Gross income to be at least three times the space rent.


If you have automatic deposits such as social security, pensions etc., deposited to your bank account, a copy of your bank statement will be acceptable proof. Please be sure to include 6 consecutive months. Please hi-light the income portion.


Out of State applications must be notarized if not bringing the application into the office in person.


Thank you for your application.

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Boulder Ridge 2233 East Behrend Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85024 (602) 569-1777




Updated January 31, 2020


  1. Equifax Beacon credit score of no less than 740, as obtained by the corporate office.

    Credit agencies offer unique credit scoring methods to different industries. Companies within those industries purchase scoring methods specific to their industry. Each scoring method may weigh credit and debt differently, which accounts for a variance in an individual’s credit score amount agencies and scoring methods. The credit score used to review prospective resident applications must be obtained by our corporate office using the Beacon scoring method we purchase through Equifax. We cannot accept credit scores from any credit agency, including Equifax, that is obtained in any other manner.


  2. A minimum gross income equal to three times (3x) the monthly base rent.

    Applicants must provide six (6) months of current evidence of income and all evidence of income must be independently verifiable (such as a payroll designation on a bank statement). Non-specific deposits and/or transfers listed on bank statements will not be accepted as proof of income without being accompanied by evidence of the money’s origin. In addition, we recommend applicants provide us as much financial information (income, savings, investments) as possible; if we are provided a lack of financial information, it may cause us to request further information and delay the process.


  3. Management has the right to deny an application if it reasonably determines that, based on purchaser’s prior tenancies, he/she will not comply with the rules and regulations of the community.

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August 21, 2019


Mrs. Shannon Gamble, Manager

Boulder Ridge Manufactured Home Community

2233 E. Behrend Dr.

Phoenix, AZ 85024


Re: Credit scores and applications for tenancy


Dear Shannon:


Feel free to provide a copy of this letter to any prospective resident who would like a more detailed understanding of the credit score we obtain as part of the application process.


All credit reporting agencies use several factors in determining a person’s credit score, including, but not limited to, amount and type of debt, number of accounts with debt and history of payments. Each agency weighs these factors differently in coming up with specific scores, which is why the same person looking to multiple credit bureaus for their score will almost always have slightly different scores among the agencies.


Further, the bureaus also create scoring methods that are tailored to and used by different industries. As a result, a person who applies for an automobile loan and a home loan will likely see two (2) different credit scores, even if the scores were obtained at the same time and the lending agencies use the same credit bureau to obtain an applicant’s score.


As part of our review of every application for tenancy, we use a credit scoring method from Equifax that is tailored for the property management industry. Other agencies offer similar property management scoring methods and those agencies may show a slight different credit score, depending on their weight of the factors involved. However, in order to maintain consistency among applications, we only accept and review credit reports as obtained by our office using Equifax’s property management scoring method.


If a prospective applicant has an issue with an apparent inconsistency between a credit score obtained through our system and that acquired through another source, we highly recommend that the applicant make a written request to you for a copy of the applicable report from us and contact Equifax to discuss the specifics of the report we obtained. Based on the conversation between the applicant and Equifax, we may be willing to run the report again at no charge but caution all applicants that changes to a credit report, regardless of the nature of the issue or responsible party, typically take weeks if not months to show up on credit report and, again, we cannot accept any changes to a credit report as part of the application process unless those changes has been reflected in a report run at our corporate office.





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Boulder Ridge 2233 East Behrend Dr. Phoenix, Arizona 85024 (602) 569-1777  (click on link to call us)


July 2019


Per ARS 33-1432 Section of the Landlord Tenant Act


Three year disclosure of the past rent increases are as follows:


2015   $18.00


2016   $20.00


2017   $22.00


2018   $22.00


2019   $25.00


This amounts to a yearly average for the 3 years of $20.00 per month increase.


Boulder Ridge Management

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The brokers that sell homes here in Boulder Ridge refer to our Community as

"The Beverly Hills of Manufactured Home Communities"

Our Adult 55 and over Community is surrounded by very large boulders and scenic desert landscape including a bordering wildlife sanctuary.

The Community is about 20 minutes from downtown Phoenix via several highways for easy access to everything.

We are located in the North Phoenix, Cave Creek Area...a very nice area of the greater Phoenix area.

The Community has 263 home sites.

Our Community does have a couple used homes for sale starting at around $15,000 and going upwards of $125,000 for a brand new 2019 all set up and ready to move in..something for everyone.

We have two swimming pools and two spas and an exercise room with treadmills and exercise bikes.

We also have a large Club House that contains a Pub style Billiard room with two billiard tables.  The Club House has a full kitchen, library and a large screen television with Direct TV.

We also have a Recreation Hall that provides a nice are for our larger gatherings and bingo.  It features a full kitchen, television and Direct TV.

We have many other activities that are put on by the Community Association..Yearly Community Action,Weekly Potlucks, Daily Card Games, Yoga, Billiard Tournaments, Swimming, Pool Aerobics, New Year's Eve Party and Dance, Valentin's Day Dance, St. Patrick's Day Party, Mother's Day Breakfast, Father's Day Breakfast, Easter Breakfast, Thanksgiving Dinner, Halloween Party, Super Bowl Party and on and on ...............too numerous to list everything.

Suffice to say there is something going on all the time here in Boulder Ridge.

Please check out our website for more information at

Space rents are average for the area and amenities this Community offers.

Water, Sewer, Trash, Electricity and Cable are not included in the space rent.

Qualifications for Boulder Ridge are: FICO Score of 740 or better, Provable gross income of three times the space rent and pass a back ground check.

One small pet, 20 pounds or less, is welcome here in Boulder Ridge.

Please feel free to call our office with any other questions.

Russ and Shannon Gamble

Boulder Ridge Managers


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