RV/ Boat / Trailer Storage at Boulder Ridge

Storage is for Boulder Ridge residents ONLY.  Maximum length allowed is 32 ft. and only a few spaces are available for this size.

Storage is in an open gated area and no covered spots are available.  No dumping facilities in the storage yard.

Currently, the storage fee for an RV, Boat or Trailer is $30.00

a month. 


Our RV lot is

currently full. 


Check with the managers about adding your name to a waiting list.






To store an RV at Boulder Ridge you must complete a Boulder Ridge Mobilehome Community Storage Agreement which is available at the office.

RV payment is paid monthly in advance.  Leesee is only authorized to utilize his rented space and is not to allow any other person to use said premises for any purpose.

A late fee will be assessed if payment of rent is not received by the 5th of the month for which payment is due.  A $25.00 returned check charge will be assessed for any check which is returned, nonpaid by your bank.

These are only a few highlights of the lease.  Only the actual lease signed by both parties will be enforceable.

The RV storage area is locked from 6 PM - 8 AM.  Residents with RV storage are given a code to unlock the gate during after hours.  The RV lot has security lights and electrical receptacles.


When approaching your RV please scan the area to make sure that no critters are around your RV area.


To purchase RV supplies from a name you know and trust click on the Amazon link below.


This space reserved for an RV advertiser.


Six of these solar powered motion detection lights are placed strategically throughout the RV storage area.


Where you spend a small fortune, to live like a homeless person.


Own an RV or Trailer then camp with your neighbors.

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